Trackmania: Nations Forever


First Place

  • 1 x Fractal Design Core 2500 ATX Mid Tower case (case)
  • 1 x CM Storm Swift RX (mousepad)
  • 1 x Noctua NF-A14-PWM

Second Place

  • 1 x CM Storm Swift RX (mousepad)
  • 1 x Noctua NF-S12A-FLX
  • 1 x Noctua NT-H1 High-Performance Hybrid Thermal
  • 1 x Noctua NA-SAV2 Anti-Vibration Mounts

Third Place

  • 1 x Be Quiet! Power Bank
  • 1 x Noctua NT-H1 High-Performance Hybrid Thermal
  • x Coolink Chillaramic

1. General Rules

Please read our terms and conditions, code of conduct and the general tournament rules here.

2. Tournament rules

2.1 General

Three maps will be played in each part of the tournament. Two players can decide for theirselves which maps to play. In case of discussion, use the VETO rules. (Each player bans two maps and picks one, a third and left-over map will be played in case of a tie)
Each map consists of 10 minutes. The player who completes the fastest lap wins the map.
Teams will count won maps and pass the score on to the referee.
Only 1on1 matches are allowed in the Trackmania Time Attack competition. All matches that are played with a different teamsize will be cancelled.

2.2 Maplist


Smooth Life
U W0t m8?


Speak in Silence
A Postman in the Dark

2.3 Server Settings:

Maxplayers = 2
Synchonised start period = 0:00:00
Time = 10 minutes

2.4 Screenshots

All players are required to submit their screenshots to the tournament admin(s). There will be an FTP server where players can upload their screenshots. More information about this FTP server are given at the event.

3. Rules: Cheating/conflicts/disconnect

3.1 Disconnect

A “Disconnect” are all disconnects caused by system, game, computer, power and/or network.
When disconnect occurs within the first 3 minutes of the game, the match is restarted.
When disconnect occurs after the first 3 minutes, the match can be restarted when both players agree to restart. If the players don’t agree to restart the tournament admin(s) will pick a winner by coin-tossing.

3.2 Unfair play

– Use of any kind of hack software
– Fake disconnect
– The use of other settings than given above
– Unnecessary use of chat while ingame (taunting…)
Any player caught abusing any of these rules can be disqualified at the discretion of the tournament admin.