HyperX HearthStone [1 vs 1]


First Place

  • 1 x HyperX Cloud II Red (Headset)
  • 1 x HyperX FURY Mouse Pad XL (Mousepad)

Second Place

  • 1 x HyperX Cloud Black (Headset)
  • 1 x HyperX FURY Mouse Pad L (Mousepad)

Third Place

  • 1 x HyperX Cloud White (Headset)
  • 1 x HyperX FURY Mouse Pad M (Mousepad)

1. General Rules

Please read our terms and conditions, code of conduct and the general tournament rules here.

2. Tournament Format

All matches during group stages and the brackets will be played in a BO5 format.
Each player prepares 4 decks. Each player can then ban 1 deck away from his opponent.

The grand final will be played as a BO7, unless there is a time constraint (BO5).
Each finalist prepares 5 decks. Each player can then ban 1 deck away from his opponent.

3. Match Regulations

3.1 Deck Setup

3.1.1 Each participant is allowed to have one deck for each hero. Two decks (two different heroes) should be prepared in advance so the competition doesn’t get unnecessarily delayed.
3.1.2 Decks MUST be prepared before a BO5 starts. Players are not allowed to make changes to their decks once decks have been revealed.
3.1.3 If a participant loses a game within a BO5 match, the participant has to pick an other hero deck for the next game while the victorious participant must play with the very same deck again.

3.2 Match Results

After finishing a match, the losing participant has to report their defeat on the website or to a referee. If the opponent doesn’t report the defeat, make sure you can provide a screenshot to the referees.

3.3 Screenshots

Every participant has to take a screenshot after each game and keep them until the tournament has finished. If participants are unable to provide any screenshots in case a referee needs them for an analysis, they will receive a penalty.

3.4 Tie/Draw

If a game was finished in a tie so both participants drop to 0 health points in the same turn (both participants will see a “Defeat” as the endscreen), the game will be remade with both participants using the very same deck again.

3.5 Disconnects

3.5.1 If a participant disconnects and is not able to reconnect to the game, the disconnect will be treated as a loss for the one who lost the connection, unless both participants agree to play a regame. The participant that did not disconnect has to wait two (2) minutes in the current game to give their opponent the chance to reconnect to the game. An exception to this is when the disconnection is caused by a fault in LAN infrastructure.
3.5.2 In case of a rematch the participants have to choose the same deck again.

3.6 Communication

In order to get in contact with your opponent, participants must add each other to their friendlist in the game. You can find each other in the event hall using the seatmap.

3.7 Default Wins

Under the following circumstances a participant is allowed to claim a default win:
The opponent didn’t show up or didn’t accept the friend-invite until 15 minutes after the match was supposed to be played (in case a deadline was set by a referee). Under certain circumstances the referees are allowed to increase/decrease the deadline of 15 minutes.
The opponent has entered an invalid and/or different game account in the profile than the game was played with. Referees are allowed to set a deadline for the participant to change the game account accordingly.

3.8 Bugs

If a bug occurs in the game, both participants should immediately take screenshots and get in touch with a referee. The referee decides how to proceed.

4. Cheats & Bans

4.1 The use of cheats is strictly forbidden and will result in an immediate disqualification from the tournament.
4.2 It is forbidden to watch video streams and/or to listen to shoutcasts of your own matches while the match is still underway.

5. Rule Violation & Punishment

5.1 Any breach of the rules may be punished with a default loss, a temporary disqualification or a permanent ban from future Storm events.