FIFA 15 [1 vs 1]


First Place

  • 1 x Eminent EM7410 WiFi Music Streamer
  • 1 x Noctua NF-A14-PWM

Second Place

  • 1 x CM Storm Swift RX
  • 1 x Noctua NF-S12A-FLX
  • 1 x Noctua NT-H1 High-Performance Hybrid Thermal
  • 1 x Noctua NA-SAV2 Anti-Vibration Mounts

Third Place

  • 1 x Be Quiet! Power Bank
  • 1 x Noctua NT-H1 High-Performance Hybrid Thermal
  • 1 x Coolink Chillaramic

1. General Rules

Please read our terms and conditions, code of conduct and the general tournament rules here.

2 Tournament Rules

2.1 General

Any regular season teams, as installed with the original game, can be selected. Both Players can select the same team.

Players may not select any fictional All-Star teams.

Unnecessary pauses or delays are prohibited.

Any action designed to disrupt the opposing Player’s view of the field or ability to select controlled players is prohibited.

No coaching allowed (for example, people in the audience may not advise a Player while playing).

No memory cards or saved games are permitted.

2.2 Game Interruptions

If a game is interrupted intentionally by any player, that player will immediately be disqualified.

If a game interruption is caused by outside circumstances such as a machine error or loss of power, the game shall be continued from the point of

Notwithstanding the above, a player can pause the game to change strategy and/or formation in the event that
i) a player of his team is sent off
ii) a player of his team is injured.

2.3 Settings

Difficulty Level: World Class
Half Length: 5 minutes, 6 minutes for quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals
Injuries: On
Offsides: On
Time/Score display: On
Camera: Tele
Radar: 2D or 3D
Home Auto Switching: User Settings
Away Auto Switching: User Settings
Volume Settings: Default
Extra Time: extra time of two one (1) minute halves will be played in the event of a draw after regulation. Penalties will decide the winner if after
extra time the scores are level.
Custom formations, tactics and set pieces are NOT allowed.