Terms & Conditions

1. Terms and Conditions

Please also read through our Code of Conduct and general tournament rules.
All tournament specific rulebooks can be read from the tournaments tab at the top of this page.

1.1. General

Each individual participant or visitor of the Storm events, organised by VZW Freaks at Work, must agree to this regulation.
Freaks at Work retains the right to edit this document without any statement of reason and to make judgements in cases not covered by this document.
The version of this generic regulation shall be dated and published on the website of Storm (http://www.thestorm.be).
For questions or comments on this regulation you may contact Freaks at Work via contact@thestorm.be

1.2. Sign-up and payment

VZW Freaks at Work retains the right to charge their attendees and visitors with an entrance fee. Entry to the event is only validated after payment of the full entrance fee.
The entry price will be determined by Freaks at Work each event. Participating in the event is done by a personal sign-up through the online form where the valid prices are clearly listed. After registration, the individual will receive an email with the necessary information about the event and the payment options. The payment is made by depositing the amount to the account of Freaks at Work, within the correct timeframe mentioned in the email. Payments received outside of the timeframe grant no right to participation.
In this case the individual shall receive a notification and a proposal for a new payment. Would the individual not respond to this notification, the payed amount will be reimbursed.

Registering with a name differing from that on the Identity Card (or any other legal document) of the individual is strictly forbidden and may result in the individual at hand losing acces to the event and thereby every right to have his payment reimbursed.

1.3. Entrance

At the start of the event every individual receives a proof of attendance after having their registration checked. This proof has to be worn visibly at all times and be presentable to the organisation. Visitors are allowed, only at prescheduled times. Visitors aren’t allowed on the event’s network.

Visitors or participants under 18 must always be accompagnied by a parent or legal guardian. Otherwise, the visitor or participant must be able to provide a signed authorization, valid for the duration of the event, from their parent(s) or legal guardian. In case these conditions aren’t met, the concerning individual is not allowed to participate in the event. The authorization may be asked by the organisation at any time during the event.

Everyone wanting entry to the Storm event must be able to provide a legitimate identification.

The organisation Freaks at Work retains the right to refuse acces to anyone without further explanation or compensation.

1.4. Consumptions

Bringing your own consumptions is allowed, but to a reasonable extent. The organization provides on-site catering at democratic prices. If excessive use is nevertheless determined, the organisation can confiscate the consumptions until the end of the event.

1.5. Hardware

Every attendee will have a power plug available to plug in his/her power strip. This power strip will only serve for one PC and the peripheral devices.

The following is NOT allowed at the event:

  • speakers. no headset = no sound
  • refrigerator
  • microwaves
  • 2nd pc’s. (no laptops either)

Participants are allowed to provide their own gameservers. These should be presented to the organisation to connect to the network. It is the responsibilty of the participant that he is capable of controlling his server remotely. Physical acces to servers will be restricted by the organisation.

1.6. Software

The spreading, using or copying of copyrighted material is NOT allowed. See 1.7. Network.

1.7. Network

The participant is the only one responsible for the content of the data he/she spreads over the network.
VZW Freaks At Work manages the network with care and diligence and cannot be held liable for infringements committed by third parties via the network and infrastructure.
The network that is offered merely acts as a gateway of information, according to the conditions imposed in Article 18 of the Law of 11 March 2003 concerning certain legal aspects of the information society referred to in Article 77 of the Constitution.
In regard to the provision of this service, Freaks at Work, in accordance with Article 21 of the same law, has no general obligation to monitor the information which they transmit or store, nor to actively seek facts and circumstances that indicate illegal activities.

Each participant gets one IP address and one gate available on the network. Setting up your own network material is not allowed and can be confiscated until the end of the event.

1.8. Competitions

However a few competitions are played in teams, the registration for competitions happens individually. Each participant has the right to sign themselves and only themselves up for competitions.

To warrant the proper conduct of the competitions there are strict rulesets for each competition, which will be set in rulebooks. Each participant must have read and understood these rulesets before the beginning of the competition. Freaks at Work retains the right to make changes to these rules at any time.

VZW Freaks at Work or any individuals assigned by them will monitor the proper conduct of the event and related competitions, as well as the adherence to the regulations and validity of the played matches in the competitions. Decisions made by these persons cannot be disputed by players, nor can a player demand a conpensation for such decisions. When a player has been determined winner and receives a prize that is assigned to the tournament by Freaks at Work, the participant may receive the prize under additional conditions such as (but not limited to) attending the awards ceremony, giving interviews or signing a confirmation of receipt.

Prizes will never be handed out before the end of the event; the awards ceremony. In case a player cannot attend the ceremony, the prize will be refrained by the organisation.

All players have to respect these rules or lose the right to a receive a prize.

1.9. Commercial activities

Distribution or advertising on a Storm event is strictly forbidden unless written permission is granted by the organisation.
Conducting commercial activities such as (but not limited to) the purchase, sale or delivery of goods at a storm event without permission from VZW Freaks at Work is strictly prohibited.

When failing to comply with these rules, the organisation may ask for a compensation for the commercial damage done to VZW Freaks at Work and its sponsors.

1.10. Smoke and drugs policy

In the hall the event takes place, there is a strict ban on smoking that applies to everybody. The possession, use or selling of illegal drugs is strictly forbidden to everyone, at all times. In case of a major offense the police will be informed.

1.11. Theft, damage, order and morals

VZW Freaks at Work can under no circumstances be held responsible for any kind of damage, be it directly or indirectly, to any person, participant or not, or to material including hard- and software.
This also applies to all the problems with the power grid or data network, fire or water damage or use of fire extinguishers.

Anyone participating in the event accepts responsibility to clean up the waste produced by them and to leave that waste behind in the trash cans/bags provided for this purpose.

A Storm event is held in a hall that is not personal property of VZW Freaks at Work. Participants and visitors accept the house rules of the hall and have to abide to these rules when on the premises of the hall.

In case of damage to the hall’s infrastructure or disturbance of order, VZW Freaks at Work can give penalties to compensate this damage.

Every participant is responsible for his/her seat at the event. Potential damage or vandalism will be compensated for by the concerning participant at that seat.

VZW Freaks at Work is not responsible for accidents, cases of theft or loss of goods.

Everyone is required to keep all entrances and exits free to guarantee a good and safe evacuation at any moment. Each vehicle, device or other object that could hinder potential evacuation, may be removed by VZW Freaks at Work. In case any costs are involved in removing the object, these costs are to be payed by the owner of the object. These costs can never be assigned back to VZW Freaks at Work.

1.12. Transmitters and internal communication

It is forbidden to use transmittors that work on the PMR446 band (more info here), unless with written permission received from VWZ Freaks at Work. All devices that are used without permission will be confiscated until the end of the event.

It is not allowed to listen in on internal communication by VZW Freaks at Work and their contributors in any way, at any time before, during or after the event.

One is obliged to hide all information accidently overheard by VZW Freaks at Work and their contributors before, during or after the event.

1.13. Supervision

VZW Freaks at Work or the by them assigned individual has the right to carry out an inspection of the material a participant or visitor brings into the event hall at any time. This inspection includes (but is not limited to) computers, data storage including content, backpacks, bags and vehicles.

If the person involved refuses to cooperate, acces to the event hall may be withdrawn.

1.14. Sanctions

In case of violation of one or more of these rules, VZW Freaks at Work reserves the right to impose sanctions and demand fees from the offenders. These sanctions include (but are not limited to):

  • An official warning demanding to immediately put a stop to the offending activity. This warning may be kept in writing by VZW Freaks at Work for administrative reasons, along with the name of the offender (s).
  • VZW Freaks at Work reserves the right to withdraw an individual’s acces to the event for disrespecting the rules or displaying supicious behavior. The offender has no right to demand a compensation to VZW Freaks at Work. In case of major offenses the police will be notified.
  • Offenders can be denied acces to all upcoming events organised by VZW Freaks at Work.
  • Supplementing these sanctions, VZW Freaks at Work can impose charges to compensate for damage done to the organisation, contributors or its sponsors. These sanctions are not limited to the duration of the event and apply to every participant and visitor of the Storm event.

1.15. Privacy

Private information received by VZW Freaks at Work will be processed in compliance with the law of 8 December 1992 in order to protect the privacy and the law of 11 December 1998 in compliance with guidelines 95/46/EC of 24 October 1995 concerning the protection of the individual in regards to use and processing of personal information.

This data may be used by VZW Freaks at Work for following purposes: informing the individual of commercial activities, advertising of products, services and events.

Every individual attending the Storm event agrees that his/her information including nicknames can be used on the Storm website and communicated towards public in multiply ways including (but not limited to): video, streaming and published pictures to social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

VZW Freaks at Work can use this data for other purposes not described in this document. In this case the individuals involved will be notified before any personal data is used or published.

VZW Freaks at Work will never share or sell personal information to third parties. All personal data stored by VZW Freaks at Work will be treated with ultimate discretion. Please do note that when information is transferred over the internet this is never without risk. Damage caused by unauthorized use of personal data can under no circumstances be assigned to VZW Freaks at Work.

In case you wish not to receive information from VZW Freaks at Work concerning commercial campaigns or advertisements, please contact VZW Freaks at Work via email at contact@thestorm.be.
Your personal details will then be deleted from our database.
Any individual reserves the right to view and change these personal details at any time. Please contact us at contact@thestorm.be to look into certain data, to delete and/or edit data you cannot normally change.
You may also ask to view, delete or edit data that is incorrect or irrelevant.

1.16. Nullification

The nullification of one or more points in these rules will not prevent other points from remaining valid. All contracts, services and products of a Storm event are subordinate to the Belgian legislation.

Translated from the original document on 31/10/2013. Original document may be viewed on special request.

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct will be used by the Storm admins in cases of misbehaviour, conflicts or unusual situations. Admins will take actions if these simple guidelines are breached. These actions may vary from disqualification to removal from the event – in extreme cases. Any case of misbehavior, display of disrespect or wrongful activities will be judged by Storm Crew.

You can read through our Terms and Conditions and general tournament.
All tournament specific rulebooks will be posted on a later date.
Ignorance of these terms and conditions, this code of conduct or any tournament rulebook cannot be used as an excuse for offenses.

1. General Behaviour

1.1 Event Start

1.1.1 Parking Space

There should be plenty of parking space for everyone to park for a while and get everything out their cars. Please do not block the entrance to the parking lot or the event hall while parking.

1.1.2 Setting up your gear

When setting up your gear, be cautious with other people’s hardware. Many people may have arrived before you, and no one wants someone to accidently pull out their power cable. Help out a fellow player with his internet cable when he’s trying to drag it around your monitor(s).

1.2 During the event

1.2.1 Personal Behaviour

Every participant is asked to maintain an adequate level of respect and friendliness with the other participants and the referees. Insults and unfair or disrespectful behaviour towards the referees and the other participants won’t be tolerated and will be punished with penalty points, an immediate disqualification and/or a temporary ban our event.

1.2.2 At night

Of course we won’t ask for complete silence during the nights, but keep in mind that some people require more sleep than you might, so try and keep your volumes down at night.

1.2.3 Smoking

In no circumstances will we allow smoking or drug substances in our event hall. If you want to smoke a sigarette, go outside! If we notice individuals smoking inside the event hall, a warning shall be issues. On second offense, Storm holds the right to disqualify them from the event.

2. Tournaments

2.1 Tournament openings

All teams must have read all the rulebooks of the games they will be competing in. Ignorance of such rules shall not be accepted as an excuse to violation. In case of questions regarding any rulebook, the tournament admin may be contacted to clarify and/or agree on the issue together with all team captains.

2.2 Opponents

Every player is supposed to respect their opponents at all times. In case of verbal abuse or BM’ing, admins shall conduct a penalty if they deem nessecary.

2.3 Admins

As admins, we will always strive to give everyone at the event as good as an experience possible. You may ask any admin any questions you may have and they will either help you out or send you to someone else. Tournament admins always have the final say and the decision of an admin is irreversible. Not respecting an admin or his decision can result in penalties such as disqualification from the event. Admins are too merely humans, so please respect the fact that at times your request may take some time to be processed.

2.4 Sportmanship

We expect every participant to keep the mood friendly and show good sportsmanship during all situations such as potential server downtimes, network issues etc. Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat!

Conflicts will always tried to be resolved in a mature way. Talking to your opponent together with an admin is the best and easiest way to resolve conflicts without making things personal. In case players disrespect the admin’s decision in a conflict or disrespect their opponents, penalties such as disqualification may be issued.

1 General Tournament Rules

Please also read through our Code of Conduct and our terms and conditions.
All tournament specific rulebooks will be posted on this website at a later date.

1.1 General terms

When signing up for a competition you automatically accept the general and compo specific rules.
Not being fair/polite towards the admin/crew/your opponents will result in disqualification.
The admins can edit the rules at any time.
All decisions made by the tournament admin or any of the crew members are irreversible.
Make sure your opponents cannot screenwatch. Asking friends to stand behind you is a good way to keep your opponents from looking at your screens. Don’t complain about this afterwards.
If a match is interrupted by power cut or other problems then the match will continue after the problem has been resolved.

1.2 Commitments

Every player in a tournament is required to own a legal copy of the game(s) played.
Every participant automatically accepts all the rules in the rulebook(s) and is required without any limitation to comply with the choices made by the tournament referees.
Failing to comply with any of the rules in the rulebook(s) will result in a ban from the tournament.

1.3 Finding your opponent

You can search for your opponents via the Hall layout to find out where they are seated.

1.4 Absence

In case of absence of one player or a team, please report this to the compo admin so he can make a final decision. This can result in a no-show or other actions depending on the situation.

1.5 Deadlines

You must be available to play during the scheduled play times.
The team captain must contact the other team and arrange the match during the scheduled playtime. If the other team fails to join the match, you have to inform the admin and a noshow will be addressed.

1.6 Conflicts

If you believe your opponents are cheating, immediately go to the admins. Our tournament admins will then search for a fit solution, this can go from looking at demo’s to the banning of teams. When conflicting you need to have proof!

1.7 Match results

If a match is finished, the winning team must fill in the match results. Be aware, once the result is filled in it can’t be changed! (only an Admin can change this). The losing team needs to check the results filled in by the winning team.
Screenshots, demo’s and replays (where possible) are mandatory and have to be uploaded to an FTP server hosted by the event (more details at the event)!
Entered results without a replay, demo or screenshot will be removed and the match will be seen as unplayed!
Teams/players can only fill in results of played tournament matches, no-show & forfait will be filled in by Storm crew.

2 Tournament Layout

Tournaments are divided into two stages (with some some exceptions 2.3).

2.1 Stage 1: Group Play

All players/teams are divided into groups ranging from 3 to 6 players/teams per group depending of the amount of signups.
Further specifications on the match format depend on the game and are clarified in the game specific rules.
At the end of group play 2 players/teams per group will advance into stage 2 (Bracket play).

2.2 Stage 2: Bracket Play

After completing the group play X players/teams* are seeded into a bracket* where they will play the Quarter finals, semi finals and Grand finals.
The format (best of 1,3,5,7) depends on the game and will be clarified in the game specific rulebooks.
*Details on how the tournament proceeds depends on the amount of signups. See 2.2.1, 2.2.2 and 2.2.3 for more details.

2.2.1 Regular amount of signups (between 12 and 24)

8 players/teams are seeded into a single elimination bracket.

2.2.2 High amount of signups (more than 24)

16 players/teams seeded into a single elimination bracket.

2.2.3 Low amount of signups (less than 12)

The bracket play will have only 4 players/teams seeded into a double elimination bracket.

2.3 Exception: very low amount (< 6 ) of signups

When a very low amount of signups occure the rules applied differ between tournaments. See 2.3.1 and 2.3.2 for more details.

2.3.1 Tournaments with cash prizes

The full tournament is changed to a double elimination bracket, NO group play.

2.3.2 Tournament with hardware prizes

The tournament is canceled due to low attendance.