Razer adds more gear to our prizepool!

06 March 2015, 19:39

Razer is adding more prizes to our prizepool! The following prizes will be distributed among our tournaments:

razer_neon Back White 768x224

- 2x “Dragon Age 2″ Onza Tournament Xbox 360 Game Controller (Collector’s edition)
– 2x “Dragon Age 2″ Golithus Control Gaming Mouse Mat


We design our products based on three fundamental tenets: technology, ergonomics, and validation from the very best professional gamers. World class scientists and engineers develop cutting edge technology in-house or with partners, design products with extensive human interfacing studies and then test the hell out of them in field with pro-gamers before launch.

No other gaming hardware company boasts dedicated gaming user interface R&D labs, and our technology and designs are incubated in three design facilities located in California, Singapore and Shenzhen.