Storm 15 last minute info

25 March 2015, 09:22

With just a few more days left, it is time to unfold some (necessary) information.
Our terms and conditions

Because the entire crew will be busy on Thursday and Friday with the preparations, responses to mails can take some time.

What to bring

  •  – ONE Laptop or pc + gear
  •  – Network cable ~10-15m, wifi will be available but limited (cfr only for phones)
  •  – Headphone
  •  – Sleeping gear (airmatras, pillow, sleeping bag, stuffed animal..)
  •  – Power strip (without switch)
  •  – If you like: your own chair.
  •  – Mousepad
  •  – Your updated software: Steam, Origin, LoL,,..

What NOT to bring

  •  – Microwave, oven, refrigerators, speakers
  •  – Coolboxes
  •  – xxxx amounts of food and drinks, unless you want to start your own Help Organisation in distributing food packages. Our catering has a wide variety at fair prices to keep you supported during the weekend.
  •  – Drugs (soft, hard..)
  • - Party tents


You can park your vehicle in front or aside of the  Bau-Huis.


Entrance is permitted as of Friday 19h (7pm) until Sunday 17h (5pm).

There’s no need to come earlier as the doors will be locked.
Visitors are welcome during the day, but are kindly asked to leave the premise before 23h (11pm).

Make sure you have your ticket with you; you can always print a copy when logged in and visiting the tickets page.

If your status on the attendees page isn’t changed to “paid”,  please bring proof of the bank transfer with you.

At the event

  •  – Make sure that any firewalls, Hamachi, virtual machines etc are OFF.  Yes, that includes Norton pc doctor, Windows Firewall and/or others.
  •  – Smoking is not allowed inside the building
  •  – Keep an eye out for your gear
  •  – Have fun :)